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What will NFLPA learn about rash of false…

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What will NFLPA learn about rash of false...

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The issue of 77 false positive COVID-19 tests for the NFL disappeared almost as quickly as it arose. Everyone issued their statements (even if they stated nothing) and provided their explanations (even if they didn’t explain much) and moved on.

The NFL Players Association isn’t moving on. The union has launched an investigation into both the testing process at the New Jersey lab where the 77 false positives happened and the question of whether all protocols were followed.

It’s good that the union is pushing this. “Sh-t happens” should never be good enough. Someone screwed up at best, and someone deliberately sabotaged the process at worst. So as the league, in not-so-subtle fashion, puffs out its chest regarding the success that teams have experienced through nearly a month of training camp (and indeed the process has been successful), let’s be glad that the NFLPA is pushing hard for full and complete answers as to how this happened.

The union’s goal is to keep its membership safe. The league’s goal should be (and presumably is) to do all it can to prevent something like this from happening between Labor Day and Super Bowl Sunday. Even if it doesn’t, there’s good reason to worry about what the next news cycle may bring when it comes to potential complications arising from testing irregularities of the kind that already have occurred.

What will NFLPA learn about rash of false positives?

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