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NCAA takes steps to increase social distance

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NCAA takes steps to increase social distance

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College football teams have much bigger rosters than their NFL counterparts, and now they’ll have more room to roam.

Via the Associated Press, the NCAA voted to make their sideline areas 20 yards longer, and will only allow one captain per team and two officials for the pregame or overtime coin toss.

Those changes were implemented by the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

The sideline area used to extend from one 25-yard line to the other. Now, they’ll go from the 15 to the 15. And they used to allow four team captains for coin tosses, before realizing it only takes one guy to call it.

While it’s easy to mock such picayune changes — like the NFL’s decision to ban jersey swaps after games — it’s a step toward creating more space where they can. It doesn’t change the fact that you can’t keep distance while playing football, but at least you can for the sideline personnel and coaches.

NCAA takes steps to increase social distance

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