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Jerry Jones wants Mike McCarthy to make history…

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Jerry Jones wants Mike McCarthy to make history...

FRISCO, Texas — When Mike McCarthy was named coach of the Green Bay Packers in 2006, he was well-versed in the history of that franchise.

“Driving into the stadium and you had statues of Curly Lambeau and [Vince] Lombardi in the front,” McCarthy said Wednesday as he was introduced as the ninth coach in Dallas Cowboys history. “After about the fifth day, I started going through the back door. I just didn’t want to look at it anymore.

“I’m just kidding.”

There is a statue of longtime Cowboys coach Tom Landry, but it is at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and the coaches and players don’t have to pass by it often because they enter on the other side at the stadium. But at The Star, the Cowboys’ day-to-day home, there are five Vince Lombardi Trophies on display in the lobby.

McCarthy will only have to see the Super Bowl hardware before and after his news conferences.

As Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones listed all of McCarthy’s attributes — from 33 years of coaching experience to understanding the inner workings of the NFL, including knowledge of a wide set of contracts — Jones also highlighted McCarthy’s experience in Green Bay.

“[He has] familiarity in working for a storied and historic NFL franchise that has a worldwide fan base that expectations are very high,” Jones said.

All Jones wants is for McCarthy to accomplish what no coach in the Super Bowl era has done: win a championship with a second franchise.

Don Shula, the NFL’s all-time winningest coach, won an NFL championship with the Baltimore Colts and two Super Bowls with the Miami Dolphins, and he is one of six head coaches who have gone to a Super Bowl with different teams.

Shula lost Super Bowl III with the Colts, but won Super Bowls VII and VII with the Dolphins. He also lost Super Bowl VI, the first of the Cowboys’ five Lombardi Trophies, as well as Super Bowl XVII and Super Bowl XIX with the Dolphins.

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